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Very few insurance brokers understand surety bonds, although all most every business will at some point need one.  The protection offered by surety bonds varies depending on the specific bond type and how it functions.


While many believe construction companies are the only type of business required to post bonds, that is simply not true.  According to the Surety Bond National Trade Association, there are more than 25,000 bond types.


We don’t claim to have experience with every type of surety bond.  However, our clients often comment that it is great to have us available to help them with both standard and the unusual bond requests they receive from time to time.


Our construction clients like us because no one works harder to deliver the bonds required in their business even when the financial statements and credit standings are not in the best condition.



Surety Programs for Construction Companies -

We are committed to helping you grow your business.


For our construction clients, we understand how important surety is to your business.  We developed our Surety Practice because many of our small contractors were unable to obtain the bonding required to compete for the public sector and large private sector construction projects.


Click below to learn about special programs developed for small to medium sized diverse construction companies.


  • The Small Contractor Bridge Program - Illinois
  • The Gateway Surety Bond Program – Missouri
  • Illinois Technical Service
  • Contractors’ Collaborative Network


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