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Insurance is the key tool people and businesses use to manage risk.  But, there are so many different types of insurance and keeping track of what coverage you purchase, when it renews and when payment is due can be a huge administrative burden.


 The package policy eases your administrative headache of managing insurance by combining several types of coverage into one policy. Insurance companies offer two types of package policies depending on the size of the company.


For small businesses, insurance companies sell a version of the package policy which is called a business owners policy.  Business Owners Insurance, or BOP Insurance, combines basic coverage needed by a business into one policy at a discounted premium.


We represent several insurance companies that sell Business Owners Policies with extremely broad coverage.


We would welcome an opportunity to show you how these policies compare in coverage and cost for your business.  Click this link to see a list of business we can insure under the Business Owners Insurance Policy, then complete the short application to obtain a quote.


Business Owners Policy Application

Large businesses are complex, and insurance companies want more information about each aspect the business before agreeing to insure them.  In the Business Owners Insurance Policy, most coverage is automatically included with few options.  This is not true for the Commercial Package Insurance Policy.  Each section of the policy is optional and separately underwritten by the insurance company.  However, to be considered a true package, the policy must contain at least one section insuring property and another section insuring general liability.


 As they do with the Business Owners Insurance Policy, insurance companies offer a discount for purchasing a Commercial Package Policy that in theory would make the premium less expensive than purchasing each section of the policy individually.


Are you interested in learning more about package policies?  Give us a call to analyze your current coverage.  We can show you options that expand coverage without increasing cost.



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