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Ralph H. Metcalfe - Founder

Community Insurance Center, a division of Inner-City Underwriting Agency is committed to being world-class in every service we provide.  This commitment comes from the example set by our founder, Ralph Metcalfe, former Olympic gold medalist, insurance broker and a member of Congress.


Mr. Metcalfe started Community Insurance Center in 1962.  He believed that high-quality insurance and risk management services are critical to the economic development and stability of a community.  Mr. Metcalfe chose the name Community Center Insurance Agency and later changed it to Community Insurance Center to highlight that central role our services play in the lives and businesses in the community.


Ralph Metcalfe was a remarkable person. He excelled in sports, business, and politics.  He earned gold and silver medals in 1932 and 1936 Olympics, holding the title of world’s fastest human in 1934 and 1935.  In the famous 1936 Berlin Olympics, Ralph Metcalfe and teammate Jesse Owens lead the US relay team to a gold medal defeating Hitler’s team by a wide margin in the 4 X 100-meter relay.  That drive and commitment to be the best did not leave him when Mr. Metcalfe retired from track and field.  He brought it with him when he started Community Insurance Center and made it a part of everything we do.


In 1969,  just before entering the race for his first term in Congress, Mr. Metcalfe passed the leadership baton of Community Insurance Center to Milton E. Moses.  Under the leadership of Mr.  Moses and the foundation established by Mr. Metcalfe, Community Insurance Center grew into one of the largest insurance agencies in the Midwest.


In 2015, the leadership baton for Community Insurance Center was passed once more to Mr. Matthew H. Cooper who has renewed the firm’s commitment to world class service and community development.



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