What's in a name?

 When the name is Inner-City Underwriting Agency Inc, the answer to that famous Shakespearean question is insurance, benefits, surety and risk management service second to none in the insurance industry.


Our name comes from an urban market insurance program we created to help the nation's largest insurance companies expand service to under served neighborhoods throughout the city of Chicago.  In that program, we successfully trained and mentored insurance agencies from every racial and ethnic group and neighborhood in Chicago.  Click the "About Us"  link for  more information about our urban market program which received both local and national acclaim.


In 2000, after achieving the main objective of our urban market program of helping more than 18 insurance agents earn direct insurance contracts, we expanded into a full service insurance and risk management organization that  provides service directly to the insurance buyer instead of working through and with other insurance agents to help them service their clients.


Today, Inner-City is recognized both locally and nationally as a leader in the industry with a proven track record of helping its clients solve the most difficult  insurance and risk management problems.


 In all of our client relationships, we help our clients succeed by helping them manage risk.



We believe Housing Cooperatives are the best form of affordable housing and want to do all that we can to promote the development of more Housing Cooperatives.  Recently, we lost a true champion for the cause, Bill Magee.  ............


In Memory of Bill Magee

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